Sand Trays, Oak and Maple Finger Joined



(*Please note that  sand trays and rolling carts  are sold separately*)

These are our most popular trays. Both oak and maple hardwood are extremely robust and will take a lot of punishment.

These hardwood trays have finger-joined corners which are exceptionally strong, because this greatly increases the area of the glue join. In addition to this all, our finger joined sand trays have hardwood pins that run the entire length of each of the corners. This ensures that these sand trays will last the lifetime of your practice, and never need to be replaced.

These sand trays are waterproofed and suitable for use with wet sand. The interiors have been given three coats of marine-grade epoxy for water-tightness, and an additional three coats of marine-grade sky-blue finish, which is highly abrasion-resistant and will be able to withstand many years of hard use with either wet or dry sand.

The exteriors of these sand trays are finished with three coats of a satin waterborne finish. This high-end wood finishes product is made by Milesi, in Italy. This results in an easily maintained low-lustre and durable finish. These naturally light-toned sand trays look very professional in any setting.

As with all our trays, unless otherwise requested these trays have standard (Kalffian) interior dimensions: 28.5” x 19.5” x 3”. The exterior dimensions of these sand trays are 29.75″ x 20.75″ x 3.5″. A lid is included with each sand tray.

Please check with us regarding availability before placing your order.

Additional information

Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions82 × 56 × 13 cm

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