Special Requests

Often the requirements of the play room cannot be met with ‘off-the-shelf’ products, and the ability to request a special and specific item can be helpful.  We continue the practice of using re-claimed and used wood into the design and building of such special requests. Examples of such items can be:

  • Shelves and cabinets for toys and miniatures
  • Floor-standing and wall-mounted hand and finger puppet stands
  • Floor-standing and desk-top easels
  • Rolling carts to match specific decor or needs

Projects are designed collaboratively in order to ensure that the final product meets all hopes and expectations.

Greg brings his many years of experience designing and building special and unique items to these special projects.

Requests for special projects can be made by clicking here to email me. Examples of some of our special projects can be seen at www.thegreenquonset.ca.

Some examples of special projects made entirely from re-claimed lumber:

Special request, custom made dollhouse
Rolling sand tray carts made from old oak flooring (left),
Chess table made from from discarded maple pallets (centre and right)
Book case made from old telephone poles re-milled (left),
Table made with oak from UBC School of Theology Buildings (c. 1925) that were demolished in 2006 (right)

Bookcase and cabinet made from oak from various Vancouver area building demolitions

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