Bamboo Sand Tray



Recently a customer in San Francisco requested that we build a bamboo sand tray. We have been so pleased by the result that we have decided to make bamboo sand trays a regular part of our offerings.

Bamboo is a grass, and one of the strongest materials available. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, requires far less water to grow than wood, and is sustainable. Bamboo can grow to a full-size harvestable adult plant in as little as 3 years.

The benefits to bamboo are many and can be easily researched. But we don’t want to miss pointing out one of the coolest things about bamboo: it is exceptionally beautiful as a material for – among other things – sand trays.

Because the cost of bamboo sheets is higher than the cost of any of the other materials we build with we will continue to offer all of our other sand trays, starting still at $228.00 (CDN) for a standard Baltic birch finger joined plywood ‘dry-only’ sand tray. And going up to $299 for our maple and oak wet/dry dovetailed trays, with several price points in between.

At $359.00 (CDN) ($394.00 for a tray with discreet handles) our bamboo trays are definitely not going to suit everybody. But if you are thinking about purchasing one of our sand trays, you may want to consider bamboo. All of our bamboo sand trays are built with finger joined corners, with a hardwood pin running through each of the four corners. And – as with all of our other sand trays – are built to last the lifetime of your practice. You will never need to replace your sand tray if it was built by Sand Trays Etc.

Please contact Greg at to learn more about these new sand trays.

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions82 × 56 × 13 cm

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