Afram Rolling Sand Tray Cart (trays sold separately)



This new rolling cart, affectionately named the “Afram,” is the newest rolling cart in our catalogue.  The Afram  replaces the less interestingly named “Model A”, which was the first rolling cart we offered almost 10 years ago, (hence the model name) and that has been our most popular rolling cart to date.

Like its predecessor the Model “A”, the new Afram sits 28” from the floor, and has a pull-out deck that will accommodate a sand tray at ~21” from the floor, thus offering two working heights for clients in the sand tray, and easy storage.

The Afram will accommodate as many as three sand trays, with space for a third sand tray on the lowest deck.

There is also a removable middle deck that allows for flexible storage options. When it is not needed this removable deck can simply be lifted out of the cart, as is demonstrated in the accompanying video.

The main improved feature of the new cart over its predecessor is the support system for the pull-out deck: unlike the single folding support leg for the previous Model “A” rolling cart, the two legs on the Afram are stationary legs on either side of the pull-out deck that move with the deck, and nest within the cart when the pull-out deck is in its retracted position. This configuration can be seen in the accompanying video. This cart does not require any extra handling or manipulation of a hinged pop-down leg for the pull-out deck – merely take hold of the front of the pull-out deck and pull the deck until it is fully extended.  The pull-out deck gently locks into secure position at both ends of its travel (i.e. both when fully closed and fully opened.)

This cart is very simple to operate.

It is also extremely sturdy, continuing our practice of building ‘tools’ for your playroom that will last the lifetime of your practice. This cart, several years in contemplation, is carefully thought-out, and very well built: it is our best rolling cart yet.  It will not fail.

The Afram is currently available in maple and oak.  Pictured in maple is the first rolling cart from the first group of carts completed.  Orders are being taken for future carts as we are now in full production of this new cart. It will be worth the wait! If you have questions or would like to see more pictures please contact us. Thanks for reading!

Additional information

Weight26 kg
Dimensions83 × 61 × 24 cm

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