Stable 21 inch ‘X’-style Folding Stand (Removable Top Option)


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A folding stand has several very useful features, such as portability and easy storage. However, if poorly designed they can be wobbly and unstable. The design of our “X” stand is a result of some very persistent customers requesting a stand that will provide a safe and stable base for a loaded sand tray.

A standard (Kalffian) sand tray will sit directly on top of this stand, and be held firmly in place because the perimeter lip that is on the undersides of all of our trays will ‘over-sit’ the top of the stand. (If your sand tray is not one of ours, please contact us so we can determine whether your tray will sit securely on our stand.)

We offer an option of 2 different styles of removable tops for these folding stands, even though these removable tops are not necessary for the sand tray to sit safely on top of the folding stand. The optional removable tops are intended so that the folding stand can do ‘double-duty’ as a desk or work table for small clients.

One version of this removable top has a raised perimeter lip, similar to marine furniture, and the other style of removable top has a perimeter that is flush with the table top, like a normal desk or table.

This stand sits at ~21″ high (coffee table height) and will give a lifetime of service, not loosen or become unstable over time. It has many features that ensure this stability, such as 3 recessed cross braces and a hardwood 1″ diameter centre axle that rotates in only 2 of the 4 legs, significantly reducing wear on the moving part of the stand.

These folding stands also have 4 concealed heavy nylon bushings to prevent wear between the moving parts of the stand, ensuring that the stand remains consistently firm and stable throughout its life.

We offer this stand in natural maple and natural red oak.

Please note our stands and sand trays are sold separately – gz

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Removable Top

NO Removable Top, YES, Flush Perimeter in Maple, YES, Flush Perimeter in Oak, YES, Raised Perimeter in Maple, YES, Raised Perimeter in Oak

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