Discreet handles, add-on feature



Although all of our trays come without handles, these discreet handles can be cut into the short-ends of any tray for an additional cost of $45.

These finger-holds provide a far more secure grip on a loaded sand tray than it may appear. This is because the top-most surface of the fingerhold (ie the surface with which your fingertips come into contact) is chamfered or beveled upwards at a 14 degree angle. This has the effect of pulling your fingers into the tray, and when lifting a heavy tray you don’t have the sensation that you are about to lose your grip.

This is a very effective yet discreet way to improve the transportability of your tray without significantly altering its appearance or function.

Please ask if you have more questions about this feature!


8 discreet handle detail 9 discreet handle

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