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Deluxe Oak Wet Sandtray

SKU: OST-100/W

This professional size sandtray is designed for wet use. To waterproof this tray I use epoxy resin on all seams, a penetrating epoxy resin on the interior surface,and then two coats of blue paint. The complete tray is then finished with several coats of clear satin finish.

The bottoms of the trays are recessed by a 1/4" to interlock with the raised tops of our carts, keeping them from sliding off.

You can now order our trays without lids at a reduced price to fit your personal needs and budget. Our optional designer lids can be ordered below or later separately.

Interior Dimensions: 19.5" X 28.5" X 3.0" Deep

Exterior Dimensions: 21.0" X 30.0" X 4.0" Deep

Price: $195.00